What Types of Materials Can Vital Line Cut With Our Laser Cutting Service?


Laser cutting in Perth has become a popular service amongst hobbyists. In fact, a range of industries also use our laser cutting services including sign makers, mining companies and engineering firms. You might be wondering what type of materials our laser cutting machine can precisely and accurately cut.

We’ve outlined common materials that Vital Line work with when it comes to laser cutting in Perth.

Laser Cut Aluminium & Metal

Laser cutting machines can cut just about any metal, from sheet metal to aluminium. More reflective metals such as aluminium are more difficult to cut, however, Vital Line uses a high-quality and powerful laser cutting machine that allows for laser cut aluminium. Some common metal products that we create for our clients include decorative screens, circuit boards and 3D signage.

laser cutting by vitalline perth

Galvanised Steel Laser Cutting

Laser cut galvanised steel is a popular material when cutting products such as decorative screen doors. One of the main benefits of using galvanised steel for products like decorative doors is the fact that galvanised steel is corrosion resistant. This means it will not rust or corrode when exposed to water.

Laser Cut Plywood & MDF

Laser Cut Plywood

MDF is commonly used for laser cutting because the material is perfect for creating depth. But it’s important to acknowledge that smaller project parts are likely to crumble and break which is why we recommend using MDF for larger projects.

If you’re worried about crumbling and breaking parts, plywood is a safe alternative. Plywood has a clean surface and has a low chance of snapping. It’s a great material when using a laser cutting machine for assembly projects.

Laser Cut Paper & Cardboard

Laser cutting machines quite commonly cut paper and cardboard products. Products such as greeting cards, wedding invitations, presentation boxes and 3d laser cut paper art. Using a laser cutting service to cut paper will provide precision like no other.

Vital Line specialise in laser paper cutter services for not only business but hobbyists who are looking for a professional finish for their project.


Cork is a sustainable and renewable resource formed from the bark of a Cork Oak tree. Because cork is a flexible material, it is perfect for laser cutting. There is more flexibility when designing products as they are less likely to break. Laser engraving cork can result in extremely detailed products as there is such a contrast in colour.


Certain plastics such as PVC and acrylic are commonly used here at Vital Line. Laser cut plastic is perfect for custom 3D signage as there are so many colours and design options to choose from. Sign writers often use plastic as they require crisp lines to be cut with precision.

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