COVID-19 Update


It’s safe to say that we are currently living in strange and sad times with the outbreak of COVID-19 but we want to reassure you that Vital Line are taking precautionary measures to ensure that our staff and clients stay healthy and that business continues as usual.


All Vital Line employees are subject to more stringent hygiene practices, ensuring that hands are washed more often, conversations are held within a safe distance and little to no physical contact is had.

Supply Chain

Rest assured that the COVID-19 outbreak has not effected out supply of materials and resources. Vital Line are still able to run laser cutting, CNC routing and engraving jobs in Perth without delay.

In the case of lock-ins

The possibility of a nationwide lock-in is possible, however, we want to ensure you that we are still able to work on certain projects in isolation.

We know it is trying times, but if you require any service provided by Vital Line, please be assured that COVID-19 won’t effect the production or delivery of your project. Please get in contact today if we can help you in any way.

Stay safe and healthy and we hope to hear from you soon.