How To Choose The Right Type Of Signage For Your Cafe Or Retail Store


Storefront signage speaks volumes on behalf of your business. The right signage makes a strong first impression, helps people locate you and can even light up your location at night.

But how do you know what’s right for your business, budget, and location? And how can our Perth laser cutting services give your storefront a facelift that’s affordable, impactful and innovative?

What to consider when it comes to signage

Location and street frontage

How many people will see your signage? From what direction? Are they driving past or on foot?

Know what’s possible

Vital Line work with all types of materials. We provide millimetre-perfect laser cutting for stainless steel, wood, metal and carbon.

Size matters

Maximum dimensions often inform the design of your signage. We can get creative in a small space if you know your measurements.


Cheaper materials such as fabric and pine don’t last like laser cut metal and wood. Only a professional Perth laser cutting service can offer a long-life guarantee.

Legal requirements

There are certain things you can’t hang on the front of your store. Check with the council to ensure what is going above your door is also above board.

Design style

Does your brand suit an LED-lit sign, 3D lettering, or intricate laser-cut design? Consider how your logo and imagery will work in large format.

Why laser cutting in Perth is popular for signage

Our laser cutting service offers a whole host of advantages for small businesses and cafes:

  • Affordable high-impact signage
  • Fully customised to the space and requirements
  • Wide range of materials and finishes
  • Secure and safe
  • Weatherproof against the sun, rain and wind
  • Innovative design solutions to make brands pop
  • Quick turnaround
  • Professional installation

Using computer controlled CNC machines, Vital Line bring bespoke creations to life in wood, metal and steel. Contrary to what you may think, metal laser cutting (and wood, and carbon) is surprisingly affordable. This is thanks to our team’s extensive experience which streamlines the process for less wastage, shorter wait times, and better quality product. For small businesses, our service translates to serious cost savings and storefront signage that stands out even in the busiest areas.

What’s possible with laser cutting?

Carbon steel laser cutting

Carbon steel is tough, but our CNC laser cutter is tougher. Our machine can cut through thick carbon steel for an industrial look with a clean edge, or we can apply a custom coating for elegant, strong signage such as 3D lettering.

Stainless steel laser cutting

With tolerances as fine as 0.1mm, professional laser cutting brings your brand to life in stainless steel. Imagine your logo reversed out of a stainless steel screen, or your name edge-lit in an innovative LED design.

Metal laser cutting in Perth

Beyond carbon and stainless steel, Vital Line create bespoke designs in a huge range of metal material. We can also laser engrave your design in metal for a more subtle, but still highly effective, storefront display.

Wood laser cutting in Perth

Treated wood is making its way into contemporary storefront signage more often. Wood laser cutting offers a fast, incredibly accurate, and cost-effective solution for branded wooden signage.

How do you want to be seen? When it comes to stunning storefront signage solutions, Vital Line are the Perth laser cutting experts bringing innovative solutions to life for the hospitality and retail sectors.