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Vitalline CNC Routing - Wall Art

Wall Art, Decorative Screens, Letterbox Faces and House Numbers.

Vital Line CNC Routing is manufacturing Decorative Screens and Indoor: Outdoor Wall Art, suitable for interior and exterior uses, Vital Line has a range of patterns designed ready to apply to a suitable material for your use. You may outsource your own designs using a vector art format.

Decorative Screens and Panels can be used in many applications such as a Feature on a Wall, Gate or Door skins, Privacy Screen, Garden Screen, Entry Statements, Fences.

Letterbox and House number plates are available in a range of printed or plain acrylic - raw, brushed or anodised aluminium with either acrylic or aluminium numbers. Standard sizes for letterbox faces of 420 x 300mm portrait and landscape. House number plates 400 x 300mm and 300 x 200mm. Custom designs are available with an applicable art fee. Please visit our gallery page for inspirational ideas.

Materials available are listed on the capabilities page in the TRADE section of this website.

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